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Pendant Nation’s College Jewelry Collections

College is a time for creating wonderful memories. Those who leave the parents’ nest to go to school see it as a rite of passage. It’s when they first live on their own with very little intervention from parents. They make new friends and get to know a whole new geographic area. Jewelry is a great way to capture some of these moments so that they have something to help them remember the good times. That’s what makes it a great gift.
You don’t have to buy college jewelry as a gift for a student. Maybe you love the Uconn Huskies basketball team or you have an alma mater yourself. Either way, you can get a brief overview of what we offer below.

Licensed Collegiate Rings

Pendant Nation has a number of rings representing almost any university you may be interested in. They are licensed to feature your college or university’s logo or mascot. They normally come in sterling silver or gold plated silver.
We not only offer hand rings representing the college of your choice. We sell toe rings as well. You won’t be able to show off a toe ring much in the winter, so your school spirit or enthusiasm for your favorite college sports team will be private part of the year. However, if you like to wear sandals or flip flops in the warmer months, then the toe ring won’t be such a private affair.
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View Our Licensed Collegiate rings : college class rings

Collegiate Earrings

We have a number of licensed collegiate earrings for your favorite university and/or its sports teams. They are typically made of 10K white gold and range from extra small post to extra large post.

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View our Licensed Collegiate Earrings : collegiate earring

Collegiate Necklace

Whether you’re buying jewelry as a gift for a college sports fan, a student or yourself, you can’t go  wrong with a necklace. They are universally worn by men and women and don’t require sticking a needle through an ear or other body part.
Just like the earrings, our necklaces are made with 10K white gold, and they’re licensed for the university of your choice.
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View Our Licensed Collegiate Necklaces : collegiate necklace

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